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1929 - British Pathe - London to Brighton

A British Pathe silent newsreel clip of the Brixton All Blacks annual race from London to Brighton.  Men's winner Harold Wilkinson would go on and be a world champion in 1938. Ladies winner Lou Davy was eventually a 4 times winner of this event.

1930 - Giornale Luce - London to Southend

An Italian silent newsreel footage of this event - a 30 mile race from London to Southend.

1933 - British Pathe - Benny Lee takes to the ice

3 times national roller speed skating champion takes part in a one mile race on ice.  The one v one event saw Lee beat his rival Richardson for the first time in 4 years.

1934 - British Pathe - Soccer on skates!

The women of the Forest Gate rink take part in a soccer on skates match. Undoubtedly one of these women will be multiple British Champion Winifred Davies.

1950 - British Pathe - Victoria Park, Hackney - London

This 1 minute 17 second clip firstly reviews roller hockey but the last 17 seconds shows a ladies race at Victoria Park, Hackney with one of the ladies being Maureen Stewart later to become Mrs. Denis Hill.

1954 - British Pathe - Woking to Pirbright

A British Pathe news report of a 10 mile road race in Surrey (Woking to Pirbright) run by the Camberley & Bagshot Roller Skating Club, won by Pip Baker (billed as amateur World Champion - although obviously not an official World Champion). No mention of the name of the winner of the women's event.

1972 - Associated Press - Jacoskates Trophy

3rd February 1972 - John Folley wins the 10,000 metres Jacoskates Trophy. Look closely and you will see Chloe Ronaldson ringing the bell, Bob Halford and Dai Davis as ever on the stopwatch.

1984 - ITV Central News - Junior European Championships

A news bulletin from Central News in 1984 at the Junior European Championships at Birmingham Wheels. Look out for interviews from Tony Marriott, Sean McGeough and Lisa Burgess.

1984 - BBC - Blue Peter

Peter Duncan visits Tatem Park and puts his skates on. Coached by Rohan Harlow and John Fry Senior also look out for some fantastic archive footage of interviews with young Alex Doggett and Neil McGeough.

1985 - ITV Around Anglia - Alison Hartley interview

A 17 year old Alison Hartley and her late dad, Brian, are interviewed by the Around Anglia team ahead of the forthcoming World Games in London.

1986 - ITV Central News - Jimmy Greaves bulletin

Football legend Jimmy Greaves visits Birmingham Wheels and interviews John Fry Senior. Look out for Ronnie Bennett, Danny Kelly and Derek Ritchie. This is the full uncut version.

1989 - BBC Midlands Today - John C. Fry interview

News clip of 21 year old John Fry Junior preparing for the World Championships in New Zealand.

1994 - BBC - Activ8

In 1994 Hayley Mepham wrote to the BBC about inline speed skating. They filmed her and the rest of the junior British squad at a wet Birmingham Wheels for children's TV.

1994 - BBC - Blue Peter

Blue Peter interview the British junior squad in the BBC studios. Look out for interviews with Alex Doggett and Hayley Mepham.

1994 - Leicester Cable TV - British squad interviews

In 1994 Leicester Cable TV attended Rollerworld Derby to film and interview members of the senior British squad.

1998 - ITV Central News - Coventry marathon

In 1998 Central News visited the British Marathon Championships on the Coventry Ring Road. Look out for interviews from Brian Wood, Vincent Henry, Gary Moore and Alan Moore.

2007 - BBC Midlands Today - Vincent Henry interview

Midlands Today interview Vincent Henry in 2007 as he ventures off to Colombia for the World Championships in Cali.

2008 - BBC Midlands Today - Unsung Sporting Heroes Award (Video 1)

Midlands Today visit Birmingham Wheels to interview John Fry Senior as he is nominated for the 2008 Unsung Sporting Heroes Award.

2008 - BBC Midlands Today - Unsung Sporting Heroes Award (Video 2)

Midlands Today visit Birmingham Wheels to interview John Fry Senior as he is nominated for the 2008 Unsung Sporting Heroes Award.

2009 - BBC (CBBC)

Childrens TV visit Tatem Park to review inline speed skating. Amongst them a 15 year old Harry Hoare, Louise Sullivan, Maya Bathgate and Adrian Wordsworth.

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