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Great Britain was one of the first countries ever to provide an international team.  In November 1922 the first official inter-country event took place in Paris between Great Britain, France, Belgium and Romania. (Romania won incidentally!).  This was repeated a further three times throughout the early 1920's.  No official European Championship would be declared until 1930 and no official World Championship until 1935.


Since the mid 1936 Great Britain has sent representatives to almost every World and European roller speed skating Championships - with all but a few exceptions.  Below you can download a full list of performances and placings (where available) for every skater ever to have represented Great Britain at a major World or European Championship or World Games.  You can also see the squad number assigned to each individual as they were called upon to represent their country since the very first Great Britain team took to the track in 1922.

Over the years our country has enjoyed it's highs and lows in the sport.  From the first time we sent a team right up until the mid 1980's Great Britain was a country that had World Champions and World medallists amongst it's rank and file of athletes.  Since then, the country steadily declined almost to the point of obscurity on the international scene but as with most things in sport, we are hoping this trend is cyclical.


Whilst the primary goal of this website is to recognise our past heroes and champions it is also hoped that from it inspiration can be gained that elevates our skaters to be considered once again competitive on the World stage...and eventually have a dedicated page of their own on BRITISH SKATING LEGENDS.

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