British Skating Legends

Unsung heroes of British roller speed skating


Since the mid 1930's Great Britain has been represented at both World and European Championships in almost every instance.  Only on very few occasions has Great Britain failed to be represented for one reason or another.

Most notable exceptions were:

1957 World Championships - Palermo, Italy (road) - the National Skating Association believed that Britain did not have suitable training facilities and thus did not send a team.

1961 World Championships - Voltrega, Spain (track) and Gujan Mestras, France (road) - the National Skating Association refused to send a team in protest at judging inconsistencies the previous year.

1983 World Championships - Mar del Plata, Argentina (track) - due to the Falklands War in 1982 it was not deemed "safe" for a British team to attend.

1990 World Championships - Bello, Colombia (road) - the Foreign Office advice was that you should only travel to this part of the world if it was felt necessary - the Federation of Roller Skating (in Great Britain) took this advice.

2000 World Championships - Barrancabermeja, Colombia (track and road) - as with 1990 the Federation were reluctant to send a team amid security concerns.

In general, though, any recent absences of a British team has been due to the distinct lack of suitable athletes available, either through lack of ability or simply because those most likely for selection did not make themselves available.

The following pages outline results (where available) of Senior and Junior (across all age groups) British skaters that took part in major international competitions.