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The very first official individual British Championship was won by Charles J. Wilson in 1894 when he was awarded the Benetfink Challenge Cup for posting the fastest time for One Mile at the Wandsworth Rink in London.  Here we are, more than a century later and we are still hurtling around tracks to bring home a bit of silverware, the Benetfink Challenge Cup now being just one of those trophies.

The championships have evolved over the years.  We have gone from imperial to metric distances, we have moved from indoor to outdoor (and back to indoor again) and we have included junior skaters into the mix.  What has not changed is the desire to win.

In more recent times we now also celebrate "overall" champions, whether that be indoor, outdoor or 'absolute'.

Since 1906, barring a few years when no championships were held - specifically the war years...and 1972(!)....there have been events held every year where winners can go home in the knowledge that they are champions of Great Britain.  Below you can download the complete record of every  winner of every event for every age category since the very first title was won back in 1894.  Is your name amongst them?

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