British Skating Legends

Unsung heroes of British roller speed skating


In addition to the annual British Championship events and subsequent attainment of titles, the Federation of Inline Speed Skating also recognises individuals for varying achievements, most of which are based on subjectivity and opinion.  Despite this, these awards are no less deserved than those given to a British Champion.  Thes awards include:

GEORGE LORD MEMORIAL TROPHY - The most successful male skater in domestic competition

COGGINS TROPHY - Most successful female skater in domestic competition

PAT & LEO EASON AWARD - Skater who has been adjudged to have shown most outstanding effort in that year's British Championships

M & T EASON AWARD - A skater between the ages of 6 and 12 who shows the most promise

SPEEDSKATER OF THE YEAR - An award given to the skater most deserving of the title in the opinion of the FISS voting membership