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P Riggs
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Greetings all,

I was a skater back in the 1980's at a local rink on Pier Hill in Southend On Sea,

I remember the skates to have at the time! if one was fortunate to be able to afford them were a skate called "Golden Leaders, I believe made by Hamaco, A Gold plated plate, with double cushions on each gold plated Truc and Red U.S.P wheels, and obviously Black boots.

I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to afford such skates and had to make do with! " I think they were "Freesport, altho not 100% sure, they still had the Red U.S.P wheels with Black boots, but only a single cushion on each truc and silver plates .where eventually after regualar use the toe stop would snap.

Whilst I have found a couple of fantasic skate websites with so much to choose from, The question is " Does anyone remember the Golden Leaders and can anyone off an alternative in todays market ?

Many Thanks

P Riggs

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man of kent
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In my day, you could buy skates, if you could afford them. I made my own skates. Over to a scrap metal merchant,  buy a piece of allumimium, an eights thick, take it hime, and after buying a pair of boxing boots, draw round the boots on to the metal, cut it out with a hacksaw, then with old axles, mark position where holes will go, for rivets.Drill holes in boots, bolt plates on to boots. with these skates, I experimented, moving the front axle more under the ball of the foot for quicker exelleration !


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Colin Stallan
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Hi just a short one ,I’ve got a set of golden leaders which I’m still using today. I’m 67 and still enjoying it. Regards Colin
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