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roy lowe
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anyone that remembers cup and cone should relate to this, skaters used to use them until the early 60's when ball races appeared, i liked cup and cone but they were noisy and collected dust  leading to high maintenence  and we were constantly having to blow the dust out the wheels to keep them running free, i spent many happy hours having to listen to the rumbling of wheels being spun on the way to a race usually by Denis Stafford, occasionally he found his holy grail when he managed to find a good un' as he called it. Den related a story to me about the great Geoff Wright from Bradford who used to spend the evening before a race tuning up his wheels as it were, story goes that one time he found a good un' and was over the moon, he rushed upstairs to share this with his wife who was asleep in bed, imagine what she must have thought waking up to an excited Geoff spining a wheel into her ear, listen to that luv,its a good un',  beats sex obviously !!!


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