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roy lowe
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This relates to a two man relay event at what was then the new Mecca rink in B'ham in the late sixties, not many of the old skaters enjoyed racing at Mecca but it was all we had at that time, I skated in two  2man relays there , the first one  i partnered my brother Tony who was really a social skater and didn't really have any passion for the sport, although he was competent, we were up against  Brian cornelius and Peter Snell from the north london club and they were really up for the race, they got the start and we were hanging in there when my brother  misjudged the take over claiming that i came in too early (cheek)  ,in a valiant effort to make contact with me he he lunged forward ,missed the change over touch and  accidentally touched Peter Snell who took off thinking that it was cornelius that had touched him resulting in disqualification for both teams, Peter saw the funny side but Corny was furious as they had travelled a long way to compete, shame really but i got no sympathy when my front hanger bolt sheared on the startline at Alexander palace a few years previous leaving me with a badly swollen knee, all part of the game but frustrating, painful and very disappointing.


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