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John C. Fry
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The 1992 World Team consisted of just men...with Chloe Ronaldson the Team Manager.  On the return journey home we had to spend a considerable amount of time in the airport which led to obvious boredom.  Chloe needed the loo and asked that we kept an eye on her bag for her.  Suddenly, Mark Tooke noticed that her camera was on top of her bag and decided that it would be funny to take some "memorable snaps" as a surprise for her.  Some of the lads agreed and put the camera down the front of their trousers and took a picture of his meat and two veg!!  It was the days before digital cameras so once taken there was no going back.  What made it worse was that unbeknown to the lads Chloe had actually borrowed the camera from a work colleague and having not used up all the film gave it to him back so that he could finish the film off with photographs from his daughters Christening.  After getting the film developed he handed the "none Christening photos" back to Chloe with the statement "I think these are yours!!"  There was uproar as Chloe, also the then head of the British skating federation, demanded to know who it was that had taken "such disgusting" photos...and was all set to dish out a ban to anyone she could "identify"!!  The only perosn she could be sure of was the instigator, Tooke, as when he took his photo he was making sure the camera got his best "angle" which also showed his hand...where unfortunately for him, on his finger was a distinctive ring.  Sure enough Tooke was given a written reprimand.....whilst proof of who the others were was a little harder to ascertain!!

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