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I touched upon the concept of needing to be able to look at a skater and then determine potential ability based on various physical elements and attributes - my question is this, what do you think makes a good inline speed skater?

Of course we're not at the stage of doing a "talent ID" programme but i'd like to think in the future we will go to schools/colleges and test for certain things which may lead to the next big UK talent... what have we learnt from the current crop of world talent?


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Having never been to a World Championship personally, I'd say the World Championships in Zandvoorde (Belgium) next year would be a great opportunity for anyone in this country to go and have a look at the good and the great (and see just how exciting this sport really is!!) if they haven't already.


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Being skinny.  At the last Goodwood Marathon (which was before I got sick) I was in great shape, but one of my friends came in 15 mins faster than me even though I could usually breeze past her ... I put this entirely down to her being more aerodynamic :P

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