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John C. Fry
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Do you think that the internationally successful part-time skater has gone forever?  If so, where does that leave British skating? 

Who can realistically afford to make a living from the sport in the UK?  Or do they really need to? 

What do people think can be realistically achieved with the infrastructure we currently have in the UK?  And how long before we start to see success again?  Many people know what is required or what they would like to see done, but is that a pipe dream...and if do you turn it into reality?

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Since i'm at work, i'll be quick!

1. I don't think its gone forever, but it does depend on the persons particular job and circumstances (i.e. if you were a personal trainer, you would have the benefit of working in a place/industry in which would have training benefits, and time to fit in sessions). I have a cyclist friend, Scott Cousins who works non-stop for 3 days a week, and then trains the rest of the week: it has allowed him to gain his cat 1 license and compete with Alex Dowsett of team sky in a 2 man time trial recently, he has a job which allows him to train quite well, not too mention an understanding Mrs!

2. Coaches, at grass root level - and even then, is that making a living or is it just pocket money?

3. Infrastructure has improved dramatically, with things moving forward all the time - it just needs to embed, and how long that takes will link in to how many skaters we can get into the sport to progress, and what the ones we do have are willing to do.

4. Success depends on how you measure it, World Champion? I'm not sure, European Medals? Well Vinnie came close so maybe. European Cup success? still slim, but more of a reality... or perhaps it would just be top 10 positions, making finals - all which would still be incredible. I think start small, and build to bigger things - nothing crushes spirits like unrealistic goals!

5. Turning it into reality? Everyone singing from the same hymn sheet would work, coaches working towards a common goal as a federation, a national goals framework over what we want to achieve realistically, and above all - hard work from skaters. All of which is being done, or starting to be done... so its down to the hardwork of everyone involved to keep things up to the point where it starts to take effect!

Just my "quick" views! hopefully some more people will join in!


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